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Nowadays, every business needs an office phone system so that they can connect with their customers. There are many other mediums as well to connect to their customers such as live chat, email, etc., but connecting through phones still is more predominant to support the interactions. Office phone systems can be beneficial for businesses or other kinds of work purposes as they can reduce operating costs, and also help to improve security and productivity. Not only does an office phone system allow them to communicate with their customers but also enables inter-team communications, analyzing the performance and strategy reviews. As technology advances, there is a transformation in the office phone system too. In the modern-day it like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) it puts leverage on the internet for contacting the customers, lowers the costs by 75%, is highly scalable, and is also easy to maintain. Such services can be availed from the office phone system singapore also.

The advantages of each office phone system are mentioned here:

The office phone system is a combination of a network of hardware phones or software-based phones. With the help of an office phone system, one can make complex telephone functions that are used for the business and it uses the internet protocol and other conventional phone lines.

Modern-day technology has reduced the hassle and allows one to connect to their customers at just a nominal cost. And as the phone system providers use the mobile app, they can stay connected to their customers round the clock.

cloud-based pbx

Majorly there are three types of office phone system:-

  • Legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) –

These are also known as landlines and have been present there since the 1800s. It utilizes underground copper wires to make phone calls. One has to install telephone lines all over their office to use PSTN. These systems are globally used by everyone but it is not good for businesses. For each employee, one needs a separate line and apart from that it has high calling costs and it also requires a huge amount of maintenance.

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Phone Systems –

This phone system is considered to be a private telephone network and it allows internal phone systems and also uses lesser phone lines. It allows employees to share a particular number of external local phone lines.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System –

This office phone system utilizes the internet to make and receive calls. There is no requirement for any special equipment or hardware for making communications. All one requires is the internet and a gadget, such as a smartphone or a laptop. VoIP renders the maximum benefit in comparison to PBX and PTS. It can do many things like call recording, monitoring, forwarding, voicemail, and many more, which the other two systems are not capable of doing.

Hence, one needs to choose their office phone system wisely before they start establishing their business.

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