Here is everything you would want to know about web app development company Singapore!

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How does it sound to provide customers with an interesting online platform to access several products and services? With the usage of present-day web abilities to deliver app-like user features and experience, web programs make it feasible to integrate functions like geofencing, push notifications, or loyalty rewards. Many businesses in Singapore also find web apps an efficient approach to facilitating communique and collaboration within the company. Therefore, the web app development company singapore also provides such features.

Lets us first understand more about web application

Web application development might sound extremely difficult and tricky to understand at first. But once one realizes how intrinsic it is in our day-to-day lives, things start to look easier. It can be explained as the creation of application programs. These programs reside on servers that are then delivered to one’s phone, laptop, or other devices. However, one needs to have the Internet for the same. A web application is accessed through a network, and one does not need to download it. To access these applications, the user can use a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

Web Application Development Services

Here is why web application development makes life easy

They are highly adaptable. An increase in users is a commonplace pitfall in coping with the increase. The best companies increase custom web programs that scale with your enterprise’s growth demands. This reduces the fee of introducing new programs, increases the lifecycle of the net application, and removes the training time as well. On top of that, these are also customizable. Companies often develop revolutionary internet apps that offer out-of-the-field solutions with the functionality to take away repetitive obligations. They run efficient businesses and procedures through automation. This not just helps in saving time but also in lowering human errors. The interface of internet applications is also simpler to personalize in assessment.

The web app development company singapore also deploys web apps on devoted servers monitored by professional software engineers and administrators. Data is saved remotely and no longer through PC hardware, making it less complicated to detect and remedy crucial problems. It additionally notably reduces data breaches and makes statistics recuperation smooth.

As long as there is an internet connection, these web applications can easily be accessed. No matter where you are or what time it is, one can use these web applications.

Online Marketting

When is the best and appropriate time to send a Marketing Text Message?

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Business text messages are different from friends and family in that they may be seen and not always be receptive. When using bulk SMS for marketing you need to understand your client base. The current era has users attached to their mobile phones meaning a single text message has the power to evoke emotions in its owners.

If you are a marketer using bulk text messaging, your accomplishments are centered on the growing the amount of opt-in mobile database participants and their engagement. Users have the power to unsubscribe easily if they feel bothered or distressed.

Besides practicing the best ideas with text messages, one of the fastest ways to distress mobile database subscribers is to send them short messages at the wrong time.  For example, waking them in the middle of the night to share a fast food offer or a payment reminder as to the first thing when they wake up. This will highly trigger the user to unsubscribe.

To avoid inconveniencing your subscribers you need to consider the times of day that they are on their phones the most and what periods are most suitable for within their daily routine.

send a Marketing Text Message

These are timings considerations:

  1. Mondays have a very low response rate
  2. Research shows that Mondays have the lowest response mostly because of the overwhelming content they receive over the weekend. Unless your message is an important reminder, Mondays are not the best days to send marketing messages/
  3. Avoid rush hour at all times. Since everyone is usually busy around this time, means they are unlikely to be read and eventually ignored.
  4. Think of when users are likely not to receive phone calls that are early mornings and late at night. The same goes for text messages, avoid sending text messages at the said time
  5. Desist from sending unexpected or irrelevant messages on holidays or during major events, always have a clear purpose for sending messages at this time
  6. Users opt-in and then forget why so following up with a message immediately keeps them engaged and build loyal followers
  7. Know when clients usually respond and give them enough time during the day to be interactive this will allow you to draft and schedule delivery at any time/ It is significant to leave your customers enough time during the day to take the action you want them to take. You may also use Bulk SMS Marketing Software like Scheduler for drafting your messages now and scheduling them for delivery at any time that you find right for your customers; Celcom Africa the leading Bulk SMS provider in Kenya has the most friendly and easy to use customer interface that allows scheduling of texts in future The biggest day for retailers is Black Friday. So it is ideal time and season to send a message on the few days leading to it and also during it because the customers are eager and anticipating

Keep in mind that these are only suggested times and days, it is advised to experiment and assess your customers by trying to send bulk SMS at different days and times to see what works best for you.


Application modernization and cloud

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To modernize an application it is necessary to take the road that leads to the cloud to be able to exploit all its advantages – scalability, resilience and flexibility – and to transfer the old processes to the new operational situation without trauma microsoft solution partner.

Above all in order not to lose customer satisfaction but, on the contrary, working to increase it because application modernization must be an iterative process which, starting from the needs of customers and the company, must follow the most congenial and suitable path for the objectives set, to grounding the benefits without being crushed by risks and problems, reducing waste and respecting the set time to market.

Application modernization: why make legacy applications modern?

The first objective must be to reduce the waste of resources ; companies can no longer afford unoptimized performance and downtime to compete. So for them to implement a managed application platform because, in addition to extending the services and design practices of Google Cloud, it allows them to gradually implement the new functional advantages without losing competitiveness.

Furthermore, this approach allows you to maintain your applications, making them evolve and making them more modern, scalable, secure and functional thanks to the cloud.

microsoft solution partner

Finally, application modernization allows you to quickly lower the management and maintenance costs of your on-premise infrastructure, eliminating obsolescence and introducing, at the same time, enterprise features at low cost.

And this leads not only to greater internal productivity, but also to an increase in the satisfaction of its customers who can enjoy a safer, more performing and always up-to-date infrastructure; moreover, we have learned it in recent months, even the availability of resources must be guaranteed no matter what happens.

Whether your interlocutors are in the office rather than at home or in a shared space, with all company resources working and available immediately. There is no more space for legacy solutions, not very flexible but, above all, slower to adapt to events and requests. Modernize or disappear.

  • Modernize to unlock the potential of the cloud
  • Making the most of the cloud

Bringing a company to the cloud is just the beginning of the journey: you need to make the most of the enormous potential for efficiency and innovation it offers. This means building specific applications and services that maximize the value of the cloud environment.

For new greenfield developments this shouldn’t be a problem. But what about legacy assets? Large organizations will have hundreds, thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of applications in their portfolios, many of them mission-critical. To secure long-term value, it is necessary to carefully decide which of these applications need to be modernized and to what extent.