Tips on Link Building for Better SEO Results

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The use of backlinks for any site is relevant in today’s SEO market space. Such is the situation that Google advocates for websites to link out to other sites for traffic improvement. Well, it is true that backlinks to several small sites help improve your site’s rankings. However, having your links on authority sites has greater value. Link building is thus pivotal in your SEO strategy. Here are a few tips to get you started on link building.


Broken Link Building

Several website developers and site owners use this concept and it has served them well. The idea is to research for broken links and offer to replace the content with your own. The missing content, however, should be related to what is available on your site. There are tools available to run such checks and may prove to be useful in the long-run. You can get more details here. Offering alternatives to broken links will prove to be a great promotional tool for your site in the long-run.


Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest blogging is the fastest way to tap into traffic potential. All you need to do is make a request for an authority site to feature your content on. The caveat to this strategy is the quality of the content you provide. Authority sites are more than ready to host quality content on their sites. Poor quality content, on the other hand, is not only shunned by sites, but it can be easily flagged by Google. This results in penalization of your site by Google. Content that is considered to be of a poor standard contains over-optimized anchor texts with little or no value to the reader.


Link Reclamation Technique

Link reclamation differs from broken link building. Reclamation ‘fixes’ or ‘reclaims’. There are links that mention your site but have no SEO value. Using the following link reclamation techniques, you can fix or reclaim such links.

  • Mentioned Brands with no Links – There are some sites that may mention your brand and fail to link your site to the brand name. A simple request to the author to correct this anomaly will work.
  • 404s – These are links relating to missing pages or websites. Doing away with the links or replacing them does resolve the issue.
  • Published Images without Attributes – In some situations, sites may use images you have copyrights over without proper attributes. You can always request the site owner to link the image back to your site. If not, they should take it down.
  • Use of Infographics – The volume of the content available to users is overwhelming. Time is required to scan through 300 to 5,000 worded content. You can summarize the information in a graphic representation and link it to your site. Current trends show that infographics are a hit with many users. This is a potential to capitalize on.

Link building is ranked third in SEO strategies one can adopt. Therefore, spend time, expand your knowledge and get more details here on how best to capitalize on link building.

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