The power of thumbs up

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It is true if you are friendly to everyone, everyone will be friendly to you. It is like nektons third law. Yes! I am correlating it with our social media accounts .Simple logic is if you like someone picture or account two or more than two times, there is 75% possibility  that he/ her with definitely check for your profile. Now days it has become fashion to have more and more follower on instagram, if I talk about this social media gaint. Now the question is what are the tricks to grow Instagram followers?

Social media a huge plateform

People do not deny investing money to have a huge number of followers because now a day’s these social media has become a tireless marketing platform. And we know that marketing of the product is very important in this modern era and basically when, customer are believing to invest their money online whether it is to buy a cloth or any electronic gadget etc. Apart from this if you want to startup a business you could have investor from other country that could you find on the social media platform like facebook or Instagram. Let’s discuss how to increase follower for our instagram.

Tricks to increase the number of followers

A simple logic is if you want to grow your followers over the instagram, you need to spend couple of hour to like others picture or album in your instagram corner. Second way is to make a theme for your picture. for example put something cool with # something creative, so that those people who is looking at your pictures fall in love, then automatically they will click on your page. One of the important thing to do is get socialize which means if you are getting comment never, leave it without reply because this is a psychology, when you get feedback it motivate you to do it again. You can also do it from your side, for example if you love someone idea, comment there because when you express yourself, people would like to know more about you.

Benefits of the more followers

If you are looking to set a new business and your product need identity in the market, you need to do its marketing and social media like instagram is a good platform. Here you can explore your marketing not only nationally but also throughout the globe. One more trick to increase instagram follower is to initiate a hastag campaign regarding any social or psychological issue and your work is to encourage more and more people to join you. In this way your popularity will increase and your followers too. Apart from this there are number of tricks to increase your followers over Instagram like, ask your other account follower to follow you at instagram, running campaign is a good option, geotag etc.


 From this segment we come to know there is lots of technique to increase the follower on the instagram whether it could be beneficial personally or professionally. Now a day’s instagram has become a giant social media platform, which has 800 million monthly active users. So anyone can imagine how important is to grew instagram follower to popularize oneself or product.

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