The Ending of iSeries: How and Why It Was Announced to The Public

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With IBM I which was released on April 2010, other operating systems have been improved and released as well. With this starts the finish line of its support. But what about its servers namely iSeries and AS400? Many are also asking about their endings.

When talking about endings of these servers, many people were stunned of as they have been using it for a long time. But of course, new releases are provided in which developers made an intense ordeal with the system.

The Story


IBM announced the termination of server iSeries this 2019. And with this, a lot of IBM users will be affected. Since the announcement, many users look over for expected changes. Although this is quite alarming. Behind that, users do not know that it takes many IBM I experts to deal with the transition which is a tough job. Another thing which marks the finish line of the server is through the involvement of upgrading old ERP software which is difficult as of this moment because of its support.

The Biggest Reason


For some, they believe that iSeries will be terminated because of competitor servers. But behind that, the real reason here is money. Saving money when it comes to dealing with these servers is a ton of job and it is more difficult to face it when many competitors are already making affordable remarks to users. Many are wholly unaware of how much money is needed. Basically, the use of a huge amount of cash is required to:

o   Pay for the length of time it takes to do the job.

o   Move the old server to a new one.

o   Pay for the complex effort.

o   Upgrade software to a supported version.

o   Pay for transfer fees.

With this, companies tend to outsource because it is more cost-efficient. There are even marked advantages when it comes to outsourcing a hosted solution, which include:

o   Convenience

o   Expenditure

o   New technology

o   New operating system level

o   Server support and management

The Work of iSeries Outsourcing


Because it is much easier to outsource iSeries, options settled are:

o   Remote iSeries managed services in which your location and equipment are worked here.

o   Hosting to the equipment.

o   A virtualized iSeries that is hosted by IBM pureflex enterprise.

As for the service, these include:

o   All day and all night monitoring

o   Offsite storage

o   Proactive performance checking

o   Server management

o   Backup of disk

o   Troubleshooting of the system

o   Network infrastructure design

o   Solutions for redundancy

The Best Thing to Do


Even if the server is near its finish line, still, there are things which you can work with to up the system. And by that, you have to do an extensive research for your options to aid in the development of your plans.

Final Thought


The specific server that IBM used might be coming to an end but new ones are about to come. Although cost is high when it comes to these servers, outsourcing makes things less expensive here. This is because outsourcing your iSeries server offers maximum uptime even when effort provided is minimal and hardware upgrades are eliminated. What’s more, outsourcing services are providing devoted resources in which they work with their missions the entire day and might.

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