The Downsides Of Getting Instagram Bots

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Social media bots are types of bots (programs) that are designed to give people leverage. One of its popular functionalities widely used by various companies is its capability to boost social media visibility and engagement. One of the popular ones are bots that increase one’s own followers. Its automated, easy, fast and yields good results (initially at least). Although these bots provide followers, there are still downsides to this method.

There are good reasons to use a bot and there are a few good reasons not to. Simply put it, that it offers solutions to the grey areas of social media platforms. Take Instagram for example, its a great app with millions of active users worldwide. If you have a business today, you would want to tap to that to get more exposure, engagement, and profit to your brand. The downside is that it’s very tasking to reach milestones on the number of followers. Getting a hundred is as challenging as reaching a thousand followers and so on. But there are reasons why you shouldn’t get a bot as well. 

You still need to maintain your followers: Although these bots will give you instant followers, it still falls on you to please them. And keep them in your page. If you don’t have any posts, and people see that, there’s nothing much for them to explore on your page, thus they leave. If you’re having trouble with posting, chances are you’re just wasting your time getting bots to help you increase your followers, because that will dwindle over time.

Followers on Instagram

Not all followers are quality: When you get bots to give you instant followers, they are getting people in a general sense. This means there’s a higher chance that what they got isn’t your cup of tea and vice versa. Although normally the ratio of people following you is always high versus people unfollowing you, with bots that’s a possibility. If you want a guarantee that you will get higher quality followers, don’t buy Instagram followers, period.

There are certain ethics involved: When you get bots, there are certain ethics involved in using one. This is because people that followed you because of bots were not initially willingly want to follow you. They are just dragged into your page and that’s it. You can always be reported of such an activity or get penalties because of it. There are certain social media platforms that are okay with you using bots, while there are some that aren’t. You have to be sensitive to that.

Bots are a convenient way of getting more followers on a short amount of time, easily and conveniently as well. You have that option. It’s ideal for people that need more followers like businesses and influencers. But there are certain downsides to using it that you should consider. Sure, organically it can be a challenge, but you will be surprised just how easy it can be. Click the hyperlink to learn more about it.

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