Finding the right Sitecore managed services

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Sitecore managed service is a relatively new trend in the IT industry that allows Sitecore development companies to carry out site management and monitoring on your behalf. The software that they use to manage your site is created in-house, and they can customize it as needed.


Watching over your site is very important, as it can be expensive if you’re unaware of everything happening there and need to learn how to take care of them.


The Sitecore managed services firms use their experience with other clients’ sites to fix problems with yours more quickly than you could do by yourself. When you use these services, you can put aside some of your concerns about the software and focus more on growing your business.


Sitecore managed services are a good solution for people looking for someone to take care of their site, but it’s unclear what is the best option. Each company will present its own benefits and be better in some areas than others. This is why it’s important to know what makes a good Sitecore managed service before choosing a company.

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This article will mention some of the features you can look for when choosing a Sitecore-managed service. The best of our recommendations will be listed near the end.


Proactive solutions: We’re sure that you’d like to know what’s going on on your site every day, and that’s why we highly recommend that you look for a service that offers a decent “proactive” solution. This means that they will maintain an eye on things 24/7, not letting anything get out of control or fall into disrepair. You can always reach them because they’ll be aware of your website.


Security: Sitecore managed services firms need to be vigilant about security because they will always have your website at their fingertips. You must know they will do everything in their power to keep it safe from any threat – even from a hacker!


In this aspect, though, every company is flawed. We are recommending the ones with the best security for you to choose from.


Monitoring/Site analytics: We’re sure that you already have an idea of what you’d like your site to do for you, but we’d like to give you our opinion about what kind of Sitecore managed service is best for you when looking for data such as page views and search engine rankings.


Reliability: When choosing a Sitecore managed service, we’d like you to know that reliability is a better quality indicator than the most considerable portfolio or price.


Companies have outstanding portfolios, but their clients get disappointed because they receive sub-par services.

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